Charges shall be assessed at the following rates per practical mile and periodically update in writing as the market predicts:
0 to 500 miles : $2.75 per Mile
501 to 999 : $2.60 per Mile
1000 to 1499 : $2.45 per Mile
1500 to 1999 : $2.30 per Mile
2000 + Miles : $2.15 per Mile
(Fuel Surcharge does not apply)
Minimum per truckload : $1000.00
Driver assist service : $50.00 per hour 2 hour min.
Additional labor : $35.00
Extra stop : $75.00 each
Layover or Truck Ordered Not Used (T.O.N.U.) : $350.00
Detention : $50.00 per hr after two hours
(After 2 hours for L.T.L.’s)
Team service is subject to a 20% (Twenty Percent) increase.
Canadian shipments, in or out, are subject to a 20% (Twenty Percent) increase.

Bohemian rates are valid per the specifications of the quote. Any changes in origin, destination, dates, equipment, services, waiting time, or commodity may alter the rate. Hazardous material, oversize or overweight loads must be declared prior to acceptance of the load. All orders are accepted at maximum carrier liability of $.60 per pound per item up to the maximum legal load limit. Additional valuation is available at $4.00 per thousand.